Scottsdale Camelback Resort

A stay at the Camelback was as relaxing as this butterfly captured in a photo at the Desert Botanical Garden in nearby Phoenix!


A stay at the Camelback was as relaxing as this butterfly captured in a photo at the Desert Botanical Garden in nearby Phoenix!

- Maggie N. from Staten Island, NY

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Nassau 2009

Our family, plus a couple of extra teenagers, went on the most fabulous adventures while staying at the Westwind Club. We asked about parasailing and one hour later we left from the beach at our resort on an exhilarating ride up into the air...we could see most of the island from way up there...There is so much to do on Nassau. It is so easy to travel around the island either by taxi or public transportation - a jitney bus. Downtown has great shopping and restaurants as well as Pirates of Nassau (a pirate museum) were we had the most amusing pictures with "arrrrr" pirate friend. We look forward to other adventures on Nassau.


- Linda S. from Scottsdale, AZ

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A Las Vegas Vacation Leads to Great Memories for RCI® Subscribing Members!

Susie M. - RCI Subscribing Member Vacation ExperiencesIt's the go-to city for a lot of people, and everyone wants to take at least one Las Vegas vacation in their lives. But a lot of RCI subscribing members love going back again and again. Whether you go once, or go several times, it seems you will have a memorable experience.

In my position with RCI, I am lucky to hear stories from our members about their Las Vegas vacations. Some of our members have booked last minute trips to Las Vegas, some go for their birthdays, and one member used it as a form of personal healing after the loss of her husband.

I’m glad they didn’t stick to the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” way of thinking, or I may not have been able to share these wonderful stories* with you!

Lynford, Scottsdale, AZ: While on a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas in February of 09, we decided to utilize our Points since we could not find a reasonable place to stay in the heart of Vegas. We called up an RCI vacation guide who helped us secure a reservation at the Summer Bay Resorts which is just off the main strip. We were able to be close to all the fun and excitement that is Las Vegas. While there, my family and I had the most wonderful stay we've ever had in Las Vegas, all thanks to RCI!

Edith, Stone Mountain, GA: When my husband Roch died last year, after 48 1/2 years of marriage, I just knew I wouldn't travel again without him. He'd died in March of 2008. As the anniversary of his death came near, my children told me Dad would be unhappy if I sat at home. I thought about it, and decided they were right, and as an Avon Conference was coming in August, called RCI to see if there was a week available in Las Vegas. Always reliable RCI found a week for me, and together with my daughter, we went to Las Vegas and to the conference, and yes, we had a ball. It was wonderful, and I realized that I could in fact do it on my own, or with one of my children. Now I know I can get up and go, so am thinking about where I'll be going next year. My confidence in doing this came from the caring personnel of RCI, and their understanding of my situation, and caring helpfulness.

Fawn, Fort Lauderdale, FL: When I booked my exchange for the resort in Las Vegas we were surprised and delighted when the guide offered us a free upgrade to a 2-bedroom suite! When we arrived it was gorgeous and so spacious. I immediately contacted family in nearby states to get them to come and share it with us. It was a fabulous stay and a great birthday treat!

Patty, Louisville, KY: We were originally set to go to Turkey this October. RCI was wonderful in helping us locate a nice resort in the timeframe we wanted. Unfortunately due to family crisis, we were unable to save up the money for the airfare. So RCI came to rescue at short notice and helped us set up a vacation in the Grand Desert in Las Vegas in November where I can finally attend my first Professional Bull Riders Finals competition live! Plus my son and his family recently moved to Las Vegas, making this an even better trip. While we haven't taken our vacation yet, I am sure thankful for RCI for coming to the rescue and I'm sure giving us a vacation to remember. The adventure continues…

* Although we've corrected some spelling and technical errors, these vacation stories from RCI members are otherwise unchanged. They are not meant to inform you about resorts, destinations or about RCI products and services. Some stories mention unusual exceptions made or circumstances that may not be typical for most vacationers. RCI always recommends that you do your own research when making travel plans.

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