Beautiful Beaches and Great Food in Brazil

FabianaWhen we began planning our beach vacation in Brazil, we wanted to go somewhere that would be fun for our 3-year-old son as well. We decided to visit Fortaleza, a city that offers attractions for all tastes and ages.

Being able to take advantage of all the Fortaleza has to offer requires a lot of planning! Fortaleza offers a vibrant and varied nightlife every night, as well as remote beaches such as Canoa Quebrada and Morro Bronco. Both are worth visiting to experience their enchanting sand dunes and colorful cliffs from a romantic buggy ride. Praia do Futuro is another beautiful beach.

Beach Park is a must-see attraction for those with young children. It is the largest water park in Latin America and is located in Porto das Dunas, with over 20 fun and exciting attractions – from refreshing water fountains to water slides that are as high as a 14-story building – spanning an area of 35 thousand square meters.

To experience the region’s unique delicacies, enjoy a lobster in de Meireles Beach. For other regional specialties such as baião-de-dois and carne de-sol, visit the Varjota neighborhood.

Fortaleza is a destination that will leave you filled with nostalgia and longing to return at the earliest opportunity.

This week on the RCI blog we’ll be sharing photos from my trip, as well as articles about Brazil from Endless Vacation© magazine. I hope all of this will help you plan your next vacation in Brazil!

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