Malaga, Spain – So Much To See And Do!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Malaga and the surrounding areas this week on the RCI Blog! I’d like to close this week out with one final blog about my trip to Malaga. Enjoy!

I travelled to Malaga last November for what would be an unforgettable trip. We checked in at Club La Costa at Marina del Ray and were pleasantly surprised with our one-bedroom accommodations. The living room was full of light, everything was clean and tidy, and we had a large balcony overlooking the coast! We used the balcony to enjoy amazing sunsets at night and to feel the refreshing sea breeze in the morning, when I would have my cup of coffee.

Since we were only there for a few days, we decided to plan small day trips so that we could see a lot of the area. We rented a car with the help of an amazingly kind and helpful receptionist at the resort. The first night, we were a little tired, so we went to nearby Torremolinos, where we enjoyed a wonderful Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potatoes in hot sauce) and a good Rioja bottle of wine.

The next day, we headed toward Grenada and reached the city of the Alhambra in just a few hours. There, we shopped and enjoyed amazing views of the churches, squares, avenues, and gardens. We had dinner at an Arabic restaurant on Calle Elvira – a small street where you can find pieces of fine art, collectables and souvenirs. At the end of this street, a little square overlooks the Alhambra. In these places you can feel all the charming fashion of Andalusia.

On our third day, we visited Gibraltar. This took a couple of hours by car, but was well worth the drive. The weather was almost perfect – sunny and warm. We enjoyed the view of the rock, with its narrow streets and its duty-free shops. In the afternoon we moved to the west. After passing the city of Algeciras, and the amazing hills where the myth of Hercules’ columns were set, we reached the town of Tarifa, a small city set on a long sandy beach. This is the European surfer’s paradise. We had dinner at a delicious small restaurant in front of the pier.

On the fourth day, we decided to go to Marbella. We roamed the street of this fashionable city and then we headed to Puerto Banus. Here there is a pier where you’ll see many luxurious yachts. In front of the pier is a street full of couture shops. After a quick stop back in Marbella for some ice cream and a walk on the promenade, we went back to Malaga to enjoy our last dinner before we had to head back home.

As you can see, there is so much to do when visiting Malaga. This was my second trip to Andalusia and I am sure I’ll come back again and again!

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