RCI celebrates 37 years!

Phil B. - Timeshare Exchange and Resort Vacation NewsThis week marks the 37th anniversary of RCI. 37 years! We have definitely come a long way since 1974, when our exchange requests were kept on index cards! Since then we have reached so many milestones, some of them including the launch of the resort directory (1975), our website (1996), the RCI Points® program (2000), and Enhanced Search Online (2008). And during the last year alone, we introduced the RCI Points Platinum® membership tier, enhancements to the RCI Weeks program with more transparency, and a bunch of ways to stay connected with RCI in social media including a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter handle, an iPhone® app, and this blog. And trust me, there will be more to add to this list this year!

First of all, we’ve already launched a cool new version of our “Share Your Vacation” Facebook app. This version allows you to compete against your friends and other users and to earn fun online trophies – all based on the information you enter about vacations (you can check out the app on our Facebook page by clicking on the “App” tab). Also, the RCI app is now available on your iPad® (with the RCI Affiliated Resort Directory, RCI TV and RCI SnapBook features) and you will see the Endless Vacation® magazine app for the iPad in a few weeks! This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to come as we continue to completely transform your timeshare experience.

This week on the RCI blog, we’ll be sharing stories and photos with you from RCI subscribing members who traveled to celebrate an anniversary. Be sure to check back. And if you have an anniversary story of your own, please feel free to share it by commenting below.

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Our Goal…High Fives By The Pool!

Phil B. - Timeshare Exchange and Resort Vacation NewsA few months ago, I blogged about the fun and exciting tools we created to help you learn about RCI and our affiliated resorts. Well, we are adding to the list!

We recently launched an RCI Facebook page and Twitter account (we're @RCI_Timeshare) and we’re also planning big additions to our RCI app for the iPhone®. All of these are fantastic ways to stay in touch with RCI, but Facebook and Twitter are great ways to meet and interact with other RCI subscribing members. Which brings me to today’s topic: What are we trying to accomplish with all this social and online stuff?

Simply stated, we’re giving you more useful information in a setting where you can hear from other folks who love to travel. I love the idea of creating a tight-knit community of RCI members who share travel ideas and tips and wish each other well on vacation travels. I can see a day where someone may spot an RCI hat or beach towel at one of our affiliated resorts, and approach that person and say, “Hey, are you an RCI member? So am I!” (This is where the high five comes in.) “This is my wife. How is your vacation going? Have you tried the spa yet?”

So jump into Facebook and Twitter and start hanging out with others who are passionate about travel. While doing so, you’ll find fun and informative updates from RCI – like vacation tips, polls, trivia, updates on our affiliated resorts, and suggestions on FS2D (Fun Stuff to Do) when visiting destinations.

But more importantly, you’ll see what other members are saying about their trips and you can post your own suggestions and tips. And the best part of our Facebook page? Our new app called Share Your Vacation by RCI! It lets you plot all of your vacations on a map and see where your Facebook friends have been. Or, you can just see where other RCI members are traveling to get an idea of where the new hot spots are. Now that’s cool!

If you like hearing from RCI, but prefer to keep it short and sweet (like 140 characters or less short and sweet), then follow us on Twitter.

And by all means, if you’re at one of our affiliated resorts and hear someone talking about RCI, introduce yourself and jump into the conversation. And give them a high five!

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3 New Ways Members Can Connect With RCI

Phil B. - Timeshare Exchange and Resort Vacation News
Here at RCI we’ve been asking around and we’ve learned something. We’ve learned that you want to know more, whether it’s more about Trading Power, a certain vacation resort in the Dominican Republic, or other insider info that may be helpful or informational.

We’ve also learned that you don’t want to just hear this from us, but directly from other members, too. And the good news is, we’ve not only listened, but we’ve created a few online tools to help you understand more about your RCI subscribing membership, find out more information about vacation resorts, and even interact with other members.

First up, this blog.
It’s designed to share great member travel stories, tips, and helpful information. With posts written by the good folks from RCI (along with some special guests from time to time), this is a great tool for anyone, whether you’ve been an RCI member for one day, or for over 35 years. Let us know through your comments which entries you find useful, and what topics you would like to see in the future. We’ll do our best to conjure up just what you’re looking for.

Next is our new YouTube channel. After all, who hasn’t wanted to tour a vacation resort property before making an exchange? As an RCI member, your best bet is to login to RCI.com and watch resort showcase videos in HD quality on RCI TV. If you’re not a member or want to share these videos with others, head on over to our RCI YouTube channel. From Mexico to Spain and California to New Hampshire, we have a lot of locations covered, with more to come! 

And third is the new RCI App for iPhone®/iPod touch®. The RCI Snapbook™ feature of our new app lets you create and share an online scrapbook of your vacation in either a timeline, map, or microblog view. Another feature of the app gives you mobile access to RCI TV. Check out the iPhone® App Store for more information, or to download our app for free. Although this app is available for anybody to download, we will be adding new member-only features in the future.

We love being able to share more and more information with you and we are always working on finding new ways to do this. If you’d like to see other ways to connect to RCI, ask us, and we’ll see what we can do.

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