New Orleans: A “Big Easy” Place to Find Delicious Food

Mark K. - Travel Stories and RCI NewsA few friends and I decided to head down to New Orleans for a long weekend. To get to our hotel on the heart of Bourbon Street, our cab drove down the streets, past the tourists with drinks in hand. The streets were littered with amateur musicians and artists…the vibe was unmatched. It was March, a few weeks after the famous Mardis Gras celebration, and the streets were still full of life.


That first day, we were in the mood for some of the great New Orleans cooking we heard about, so we took off in search of a good place to eat. We headed up to the end of the French Quarter to a restaurant called Port of Call and tried their famous hamburgers. If you plan to make a stop here, they open at 11am and the line starts forming even before that.


The next day, we walked over to Café Beignet – a great coffee shop with a menu of breakfast foods, sandwiches, and New Orleans specialties. Since we were there for breakfast, I tried the French toast…it had a bit of a Cajun flair which made it very good and unlike any French toast I’ve ever had.


And what trip to New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without at least stopping for two of their most famous treats? A beignet from the famous Café Du Monde and, my personal favorite, a Shrimp Po-Boy from Johnny’s Po-Boys. All this and we barely made a dent in what there is to do in New Orleans! I will be going back to The Big Easy the next chance I get!


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