So much to do in St. Maarten

Mark K. - Travel Stories and RCI NewsLast summer, my wife and I, along with another couple, planned a vacation to St. Maarten for a week of sun and relaxation on the beach. We decided to go during July, which is considered their “off season,” so it was nice and quiet. We stayed at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa, located right on Simpson Bay and close to everything!


St. Maarten is a beautiful island with lots to do, see and experience. One day, we went around the island to the various towns and beaches to shop and eat. Another day, we went ocean kayaking to a beach close to our resort. At that beach, there was an outdoor bar with live music. There was even free Wi-Fi, so I was able to get onto the internet from my phone. It was nice to check back into civilization every so often!


In my opinion, the one thing you must do when you visit St. Maarten is go to the famous Maho Beach.  This is the beach where the planes fly so close to it, it looks like you can touch them. Located next to this beach is an outdoor restaurant where you can sit, order food and watch the planes fly in.  People we spoke to there had spent hours sitting and watching.


After spending 7 days on the island there was still so much to do. I’m looking forward to my next trip back! To learn more about St. Maarten, check out this article from the North America version of Endless Vacation® magazine. Or, come back to the RCI Blog this week, where you can read stories and see photos from RCI subscribing members who have traveled to this amazing island. Trust me, these photos are incredible and really make me want to plan my next trip back.

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