Dining With a Side of History in Washington, DC

Sara C. - Travel Stories from an RCI AssociateOur nation’s capital is a must see for any American.  Recently, I was fortunate to spend a week in Washington, DC taking in as much of the city as I could manage.  While I was there, I was able to tour the Supreme Court, spend time wandering through the United States Capitol Building, visiting Ford’s Theater, the Smithsonian, Mount Vernon (the home of George Washington), and Alexandria with a group of my peers.


One of the best parts of any vacation is the food.  The wonderful thing about Washington, DC is that your food comes with history.  We ate at the “Old Ebbitt Grill”, which was established in 1856.  Old Ebbitt Grill hosted several presidents, including Grant, Cleveland, Roosevelt, and many more.


We also ate at P.O.V., a restaurant atop the “W” Washington DC hotel, which overlooks the White House.  While we ate, we had the thrilling experience of spotting the Secret Service moving around on the roof of the White House.  It was definitely, “blink or you’ll miss them.”


Another place to eat is the Senate Dining Room on Capitol Hill.  Not only will you possibly hobnob with our nation’s leaders, you also need to try the historic Senate Bean Soup and read about its history on the menu.


Washington, DC is definitely the place where food and history meet. Do you have any stories you could share about Washington, DC? If so, please comment below. And be sure to come back this week to the RCI Blog to read other stories from RCI subscribing members who have visited Washington, DC!

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