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Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsFor Joan K. from Northamptonshire, England, an RCI subscribing membership unleashed her inner adventurer and she has enjoyed two decades of travelling the world with RCI. Joan has always been passionate about travel and this independent divorcee made sure her son, Mark, grew up with the same appreciation for the wonders the world holds for the curious mind. For Joan, a week’s timeshare in Antigua was the perfect gift for Mark. “I wanted to enable him to see the world and to share the experience with friends,” she explained. “Through travel I’ve discovered that I have a real sense of adventure – not for me lying around on a beach all day! I want to get out into the local communities to experience different cultures and the different ways of life the world over.”

After joining RCI in 1991 when she bought a week at Club Tarahal in Tenerife on the Canary Islands, Joan immediately exchanged for a week in Acapulco in Mexico and loved it so much she bought a second week of timeshare, there and then at the resort. Joan shared some of the most exciting and memorable moments of two of her RCI exchange holidays in the European edition of Holiday, The RCI Magazine. Her story (read it here!) sees her on safari in South Africa where she witnessed a ‘kill’ first-hand, and sharing a quiet bathing spot in a hilltop lagoon with monkeys in India. Of course, she got some much needed R&R in fabulous RCI affiliated resorts along the way to recharge her batteries!

This week on the RCI blog, we’ll be sharing stories and photos from those of you who have been RCI subscribing members for 20 years or more. Be sure to check back to hear about all the great places our members have traveled over the years.

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Hungary: Stylish Fall Retreat

Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsWith ornate Art Nouveau buildings fronting tree-lined boulevards, elegant coffee houses and spas, Budapest makes for a very civilized and gentle fall break. Its interesting shops tucked away down its ancient cobbled streets also provide a great opportunity to pick up some early Christmas shopping. Váci Utca, the city’s main shopping street, houses Hotel Gellért where visitors will be able to relax in some of the most opulent thermal baths to be found anywhere in the world.

This historic city is just a two-hour train journey from RCI’s affiliated resorts in the country’s Lake Balaton region. Away from the buzz of Budapest, the lake is a relaxing retreat with sandy beaches and glistening waters surrounded by scenic wooded landscapes, while the many historic towns close by, with their castles and ancient ruins, remind the visitor of times gone by.

European members can find a whole host of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed in a day trip to Budapest in the September issue of Holiday, the RCI magazine.

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Finland: A Fall Fantasy

Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsNot all places are known for the color of their leaves in the fall. Lapland, the last remaining wilderness in Europe, is at its beautiful best in the fall. Snowy landscapes are dotted with reindeer while candles sparkle in windows and glowing sunsets make the snow blush warmly. The icing on this seasonal cake is the spectacular Northern Lights dancing their way across the darkness in washes of reds and greens. Enjoy the hospitality of the local Samis or Lapland residents during a visit to a reindeer farm, lose yourself in a gentle downhill ski or, with snow shoes on, an amble through the lush forests to return to your accommodation and the luxury of a hot Finnish sauna and a cold beer.

Lapland has all the ingredients of a very special fall getaway. European members can read about travel writer Mary Anne Evans’ own experience of this pretty wonderland in the September issue of Holiday, the RCI magazine.
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RCI Europe’s tips for experiencing the Dominican Republic

Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsThough famed for spectacular beaches – and rightly so – there are plenty more ways of enjoying a holiday in the paradise that is the Caribbean. RCI’s European subscribing members should check out “3 Ways to see the Dominican Republic,” an article in the September issue of Holiday, The RCI Magazine, for travel expert Josh Dean’s top three places to visit.

Santo Domingo may be an old city but it’s buzzing with life and a walk around its ancient streets will reveal hidden romantic courtyards where you can spice up your day by trying some of the sizzling Creole specialties! Jarabacoa takes you up into the mountains where the Caribbean’s four highest peaks provide scope for adventure, while Samana transports the visitor back to the way life used to be – a string of thatched beach bars along white sands where you can get a real taste of paradise.

Have any of your holidays surprised you? Maybe the destination offered much more than you expected? Maybe you tried a new holiday location that has now become a favourite? Let us know by commenting below!

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