Finland: A Fall Fantasy

Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsNot all places are known for the color of their leaves in the fall. Lapland, the last remaining wilderness in Europe, is at its beautiful best in the fall. Snowy landscapes are dotted with reindeer while candles sparkle in windows and glowing sunsets make the snow blush warmly. The icing on this seasonal cake is the spectacular Northern Lights dancing their way across the darkness in washes of reds and greens. Enjoy the hospitality of the local Samis or Lapland residents during a visit to a reindeer farm, lose yourself in a gentle downhill ski or, with snow shoes on, an amble through the lush forests to return to your accommodation and the luxury of a hot Finnish sauna and a cold beer.

Lapland has all the ingredients of a very special fall getaway. European members can read about travel writer Mary Anne Evans’ own experience of this pretty wonderland in the September issue of Holiday, the RCI magazine.

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