RCI Europe’s tips for experiencing the Dominican Republic

Helen F. - UK and Travel Destination NewsThough famed for spectacular beaches – and rightly so – there are plenty more ways of enjoying a holiday in the paradise that is the Caribbean. RCI’s European subscribing members should check out “3 Ways to see the Dominican Republic,” an article in the September issue of Holiday, The RCI Magazine, for travel expert Josh Dean’s top three places to visit.

Santo Domingo may be an old city but it’s buzzing with life and a walk around its ancient streets will reveal hidden romantic courtyards where you can spice up your day by trying some of the sizzling Creole specialties! Jarabacoa takes you up into the mountains where the Caribbean’s four highest peaks provide scope for adventure, while Samana transports the visitor back to the way life used to be – a string of thatched beach bars along white sands where you can get a real taste of paradise.

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