Trip to Germany

In the early 90's we had a German exchange student named Marion who lived with us for 8 months. We wanted so much to visit her in Germany. We submitted a request for Oberstaufen, Germany and got it. We spent a week with another couple and their son at this resort in Germany. What a great time we had. We were able to spend time with Marion in Munich and Augsburg while our friends got to stay in Oberstaufen. We too had Marion come and stay a few nights with us. We went swimming, visited the village, shopped and ate German food. What a great time we had. We met people from all over the world while we were there. Oh, the conversations you can have in a swimming pool.

Our whole vacation was 22 days in Europe with this wonderful week in Germany. I recommend it to anyone who wants a German vacation. The first morning we were there, Marion brought us German breads and pastries. She introduced us to Nutella--my son loves it now. We also had meats and cheeses. Much different food than we were used to eating for breakfast in the States. We also got to visit some castles, drove around Munich and went to Lugano which is a lake on the border of Germany, Switzerland, and France. (I think) Most people there spoke several languages. We also drove through the Bavarian countryside. Wow! It is beautiful there. The castles were unique and interesting. Another exciting experience was driving on the autobahn. Wow! Do they go fast. The cars are very high powered and I know we were driving 132 kph at one glance. The roads are amazing--so solid and no bumps. It was an experience.

Anyone who wants a great exchange experience to Europe, this one is a must. Good luck and enjoy every minute! We certainly did.

- Marjean W. from Pocatello, ID
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Cozumel, September 2007

We exchanged a week at the Iron Blosam Lodge in Snowbird, Utah for a week at a resort in Cozumel. The week preceded a conference and was during hurricane season. We had a penthouse suite overlooking the water. We saw iguanas on the property, played golf across the street, practiced our Spanish, took a taxi to town for shopping. The Mayan people would stop their work when we passed and greet us, "Hola, Buenos Dias". Our vacation was wonderful.

- David T. from Salt Lake City, UT
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Jamaica Trip

This was the most wonderful trip through RCI. The resort was beautiful, more than friendly, and the food spectacular. This was an exchange vacation trip. The resort was magnificient. Weather a plus. Name of the resort: Club Caribbean in St. Ann's, Jamaica.

- Dolores F. from Charleston, SC
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Vermont Trip 2009

My favorite trip through RCI is the one I'm on right now. I am relaxing in a beautiful unit at Smugglers' Notch Resort in Vermont...The leaves changing into their fall colors of orange, bronze, brilliant yellows and vibrant reds are a breathtaking site to behold. My husband and I are alone and enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Vermont. We have hiked through mountain trails, eaten our fill of lobster bisque, pick-it-yourself raspberries and toured the amazing Shelbourne museum in Shelbourne. We are addicted to leaf peeping that only an October vacation in Vermont can cure. Our RCI exchange made this an affordable and memorable vacation.

- Lisa R. from Sopchoppy, FL
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Disney World

My family lives close to Disneyland in California, so we never were very interested in visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. But the kids suggested it as a family vacation idea, and we started to look into lodging options. We exchanged our week and stayed at the Orange Lake West Village in Kissimmee. It was beautiful. The condo was fully equipped with two bedrooms, two baths and a full kitchen. They had a gorgeous pool area with several swimming pools, slides and a lazy river to float around. It was super-close to all the attractions of Orlando: Disney's Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World, to name a few. We concentrated on the theme parks that we don't have here in Southern California, like Epcot, Sea World's Aquatica and Universal's Islands of Adventure. We had a great time and would definitely go back-- but only if we stay at a luxurious RCI affiliated resort.

- Jeanine B. from Temecula, CA
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St. Lucia Trip 2008

My husband and I took a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa in St. Lucia with a points exchange. It was such a beautiful resort. The views from our villa were incredible and we felt like we were the only people staying at our was so peaceful and quiet. I hope to be able to go back again soon. We just relaxed and enjoyed the resort and our beautiful villa. That is what I call a real vacation!

- Roger H. from Marlborough, MA
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St. John Trip 1999

Our trip to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands turned out to be one of our favorite vacations ever. The opportunity to travel there can be credited mainly to RCI. We had an exchange week to use, and we were not sure where to travel with our week. I called RCI to check availability, and the travel guide informed me of the availability in St. John. Later, they even helped us obtain airline tickets through the travel department. We had a wonderful time in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We still talk about that vacation today. Thank you, RCI!

- Stephen B. from Edwardsville, IL
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Our very first exchange is still my favorite! We exchanged for The Crane in Barbados. We were given an apartment in the 1880 original residence that looked directly at the ocean. We had a huge veranda, and kept the windows open for the ocean breezes and to hear the surf. When we went down to the pink sand beach, it was never crowded, and always clean and beautiful. We had the concierge set us up on a catamaran trip, a submarine dive, and get us transportation to Oistin's Fish Fry. We had a wonderful family vacation that never would have been possible without the RCI guide who first suggested this trade. We now own three time shares and have never been disappointed with an RCI vacation.

- Karen L. from Lewisville, TX
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Vegas Birthday Bash

My beautiful bride and I just recently moved from Clearwater, FL to Las Vegas. My mother from PA was celebrating her 87th birthday. Through the help of the good folks at RCI we were able to exchange our Myrtle Beach week for a wonderful resort here in Vegas...The Cliffs at Peace Canyon. Family gathered here in Vegas from all parts of the US, including Alaska, Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Washington state. It was a wonderful, memorable vacation, and the folks at Peace Canyon couldn't have been more gracious and accommodating. Thanks, RCI, for helping to make mom's 87th a birthday to remember for years to come.

- Mike M. from Las Vegas, NV
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My Niece's 21st B-Day Gift to Aruba

I was wondering what I could give my niece and godchild for her 21st birthday. I really wanted to make her birthday memorable as it's such a milestone in life. I decided the only gift that she would remember for the rest of her life was an RCI vacation. I was able to deposit my week and she requested a week in Aruba. Typical soon-to-be 21 year old, she was very specific on the week and chose only 2 resorts in Aruba. It came down to the wire but just 2-3 weeks before her chosen date, I got a call from the RCI guide to let me know RCI was able to accommodate LeeAnne and her mom (my sister) the actual week they wanted in August at the resort in Aruba that was her number one choice. I was a hero to my niece!

My niece, LeeAnne, invited a friend and her mom to join them on this adventure and according to all 4 they had a blast. It was a great mother/daughter bonding trip and no one wanted the week to end. They said they were treated great by all the staff and the RCI exchange was the best vacation they have had! Needless to say, my sister now wants to buy my timeshare and wants to be a member of RCI so that she can travel every year with minimal hassles. Thanks so much for helping me make my niece's 21st birthday a memorable one.

- Abigail V. from Cave Creek, AZ
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RCI Platinum® Membership…May just be the biggest “no brainer” in Vacation Exchange today!

Greg H. - RCI Travel and Destination NewsBoth RCI® Weeks and RCI Points® subscribing members now have the ability to upgrade their standard RCI membership to RCI Platinum membership.  Of course, I’m sure the first thing that probably comes to mind is “How much does it cost?” and “Is it worth it for me?” At only $55 USD per year, you shouldn’t have to think twice about an RCI Platinum membership. Here’s why:  the membership offers a wide array of great exchange and lifestyle benefits that can more than help offset the cost of the upgrade and simultaneously add value to your RCI membership.

For example, as an RCI Platinum member, let’s say you book two Extra VacationsSM getaways or combine deposits twice; you would earn $50 USD in Platinum Rebates that are automatically credited to your RCI account.  That would almost cover your entire RCI Platinum membership cost right there.  Plus, with discounts of up to 50% off dining, golf, ski, and more, you’re bound to find great savings around where you live or travel.  The savings you make here could surpass the cost of your upgrade.

However, in my opinion, it’s the non-monetary benefits that mean the most, but often go unnoticed. Take Unit Upgrades, for example. This means you can choose to be automatically upgraded from a 1 bedroom unit to a 2 bedroom unit if, within two weeks of check-in for your exchange vacation, a larger unit is available at that resort.  Booking a larger unit on your own typically requires more Deposit Trading Power or Points, but with RCI Platinum membership, an upgrade to a larger unit is complimentary.  It’s kind of like being upgraded to first class on an airplane. There’s also Priority Access which allows RCI Platinum members to be among the first to access specially-acquired Exchange vacations in cities like Chicago, San Diego and Miami.  Staying a week in one of these cities could easily cost thousands of dollars, but with RCI Platinum membership, it’s just the cost of a standard exchange.

To discover more about the RCI Platinum membership or to upgrade, call your RCI Vacation Guide today. Have you upgraded to RCI Platinum membership already? If so, please comment below and let us know what you like the most.

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Cape Cod Holiday Estates

We have been RCI subscribing members for a long time. One of the best exchanges we ever had was in 1990. My family was traveling the country in a VW van for a year. As luck would have it we were on the east coast in Maine when a hurricane was bringing unseasonable cold and wet weather. We called for an exchange and there was an opening in Cape Cod. It was a beautiful cottage that gave us shelter for a whole week. We explored all of the Cape and went to Boston. It was a wonderful and educational experience. During that year we also stayed in Park City, UT. RCI has made it easy to have wonderful vacations over the years. We just returned to Park City in Sept. for the 3rd time. Each time has been special. I hope some day to return to that cottage on the Cape.

- Debra W. from Steamboat Springs, CO
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Cape Cod

One of our first exchanges was in Cape Cod at Brewster Green. We were thrilled to discover the accommodations were a two-bedroom house. Since it was dark, we had no idea what the setting was. The next morning we were amazed that our windows were looking out on a lovely golf course. That was the beginning of many wonderful RCI vacation exchanges!

- Marilyn S. from Oakland, CA
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New England States

I exchanged my Hawaii resort for a resort on Cape Cod. I had never thought about visiting the New England states until I went there for a wedding. It was such a wonderful vacation. We went to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Explored Boston and went to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. We did so much in 7 days. It was so amazing. Want to go back for sure.

- Barbara W. from Woodland, WA
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Lake Rayburn 2006

My first trip through the RCI exchange program was to Lake Rayburn in East Texas. We did not know what to expect that first day we arrived. I was a little frightened by what we would find once we checked in. We selected this sight because we live in Texas and at the time my only daughter was in college just a few miles away. So we made the decision to go for it. When we arrived at our cabin it was nicely tucked away with our very own parking space just in front of the cabin. The tall pine trees shaded the patio which was great. Much to my surprise when I opened the door to the room, it was very nice. The kitchen set up was great. We had a cabin complete with everything we needed to cook inside and our very own grill on the patio. We purchased cooking items on the way to the cabin that day but quickly found out everything was already there. All we needed was our clothes and food. We even had our own TV. My daughter drove up the next day to visit with us and she too was impressed with the entire set up. She even asked if she could spend a weekend at the facility in the near future. The pool and recreation room was nice. They even had planned activities, which I participated in. We walked the grounds and went to the golf shop. The area was very nice, even though we don't play golf.

We got some much needed rest and met some other vacationers. We went over to their room one night and grilled and had dinner outside on the patio. We told funny stories that night and had a great evening. They were very nice people and we even kept in touch with each other after the vacation was over. We went fishing a few times during our stay. We didn't catch any fish because it was to too hot. We even drove to some of the neighboring small towns and found a Walmart. So we considered that "going to town for supplies". With me strictly a city girl I had a great time.

- Cynthia A. from Houston, Texas
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Amazing Orlando Vacation

WOW! That's what our entire family said when we walked into our first RCI exchange unit at Kissimmee Florida. We had seen photos of Orange Lake Country Club online, but it didn't compare to the beautiful grounds, fountains, unit, and facilities where we were granted access. We had anticipated spending all of our time at Walt Disney World, but with all of the extra ammenities and activities available, we stayed at the resort most evenings and afternoons. Our individual unit also was nicer than anything we could have imagined. It was really a home away from home.

- Linda S. from Melrose, MN
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My Trip to NYC

It was February of 2002 and my husband and I had exchanged our Maui vacation week for a week in New York City at The Manhattan Club. Seems like a weird exchange -- giving up a week in paradise for a wintery week in NYC; but it was awesome! My parents joined us for a few days and we went to Broadway plays, got soup from the "Soup Nazi", walked the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Ground Zero (only a few months old at that time), and explored the different neighborhoods of Manhattan. The coolest thing, though, was that an enormous snow storm blanketed the city and basically shut it down! We could walk down the middle of the streets since traffic could not get through. The city was so quiet, it was almost eerie (but actually it was peaceful). We went to see the Letterman show live and Dave arrived on a snowmobile! RCI has given us a lot of fun and fabulous vacations over the years! The NYC one will always be one of our favorites.

- Susan P. from Auburndale, MA
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My trip to California

My husband and I were excited to plan our exchange trip to Capistrano California. We exchanged our Cape Cod timeshare for a beautiful two bedroom, two bath timeshare in the Capistrano Surfside Inn. The timeshare was huge and immaculate and the ocean was just across the street. Also within walking distance was Dante Point which not only had an active harbor and walking areas with fantastic restaurants, shops but bike paths as well for those who wanted to bike around the area. We visited the mission at Capistrano and walk the small streets with many unique shops. We chose this place to have a restful holiday and it was, yet there was plenty to do if we chose to do so. I would highly recommend this paradise area to anyone who wants to vacation in California. We would definitely visit again, but there are so many beautiful affiliated resorts in RCI, we want to try them all. We love RCI and the wonderful opportunities it offers us in trying new places and seeking new adventures.

- Joyce C. from Salem, NH
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Carlsbad, California 2008

Having a child graduate from college is one of life's best blessings! And to be able to make an exchange for a top-notch RCI affiliated resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and make a vacation out of it, was like the icing on the cake! We were fortunate to be able to make an exchange for an excellent property above the Carlsbad Flower Fields, across from Lego Land, and just half a mile from the Gemological Institute of America, our daughter's alma mater. Our RCI Vacation Guides took extra time to get us into this resort. We were able to be there for her graduation, meet her friends, and help move her back to Idaho. Our thanks goes out to the helpful RCI employees who did, indeed, provided us with a vacation to remember.

- Barbara N. from Hailey, ID
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Massanutten Trip

A couple of years ago we exchanged our Hilton Head week for a week in Massanutten, Virginia. That resort is awesome! It was the best family vacation we have been on to date. They have a fantastic water park right there on the premises. We were there right at the beginning of skiing season, so we were able to play putt-putt on the resort golf course and then go snow tubing later in the day. The unit we stayed in was fantastic also. It was newer and very clean. There was something to do each and every day. We were never bored. We would definitely take another RCI exchange to Massanutten, Virginia!

- Alesia M. from Pataskala, OH
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