“Pura Vida” in Costa Rica!

Christina M. - Vacation Stories and RCI NewsAsk any Costa Rican how they are and you’ll likely get the response: “Pura Vida!” This literally translates to “pure life” and loosely means they couldn’t be better because they’re full of life. After almost a two-week visit to the country, I too was feeling the energy which causes such a deep and meaningful response to an otherwise every-day question.


The rumors are true. Costa Rica is a natural paradise with people who believe in sustainability, conservation and preserving the Earth’s eco-systems. While you’re there you can expect to see lush rainforest and spectacularly-colored flora just like any other country so close to the equator, but Costa Rica’s extremely rich biodiversity is where it differs from other tropical climates.


One night, we even had the privilege of getting up-close-and-personal with the local wildlife. We witnessed a massive leatherback sea turtle climb up to the dunes of a beach and lay its eggs.  Even for my husband who is not an animal-lover like his wife, this was a humbling and amazing experience.


There’s something for everyone in this country. You can have your beach vacation sipping fruity cocktails and reading a book, or you can embark on an eco-adventure visiting volcanoes and taking tours of the rainforest. And the best part is, you’ll return from your trip understanding what “Pura Vida” really means.


This week on the RCI Blog, we’ll be sharing photos and stories from RCI subscribing members who have taken a vacation in Costa Rica. Be sure to come back!

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