A Vacation Guide from RCI Mexico shares his Vallarta story!

Luis R. - Vacation Stories and Travel NewsWhen I landed in Vallarta, I walked down the plane’s stairs and was hit by a blow of humid wind. I took a deep breath and got the taste of salt and the smell of coconut and the beach. I can tell I am now on vacation.

My cab driver didn’t lose his smile from the time I got into his taxi at the airport all the way to my destination: The Grand Velas Vallarta…an amazing resort. It is all-inclusive and not only is the food great, but the service is also.

Vallarta is, I believe, the most Mexican-style beach. It’s on the Pacific Ocean where indigo meets the golden sand hit by the white foam of the waves. Sayulita and Punta Mita are great areas to go surfing. I didn’t have a chance to stand on a board, but I may come back another time to do just that.

During the day, you can snorkel, go diving or maybe even swim with the dolphins - these amazing mammals have a very special personality! You can also go horseback riding across the jungle, following a refreshing noise that gets louder and louder until you see a wide column of water turned into a waterfall.  Or, you can jump into a boat to see one of the largest mammals on our planet in Banderas Bay – the hunchback whale! If you are lucky, you’ll see them jump and do acrobatics.

Heading downtown at night, I was able to enjoy a taste of local folklore: white houses with red tiles piled up between the hills, the Guadalupe church hidden behind little souvenirs stores (you can see the bricks and crown on top of the main tower peaking through) and the soft amber light of the “farolito” lightening up the main square at night full of locals, tourists, and regional music.

Vallarta is too big for a weekend or even a full week and I am sure I will have to come back to the Malecon to have an ice-cream while sitting on a bench watching people walk by or see shoppers bargain with the nice locals. I love Vallarta and the stories that become memories that make me want to come back. That is how I remember Vallarta, that’s my story. We’ve heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of pictures from RCI subscribing members about Vallarta that we will share with you this week. What’s your story? Share it here.

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