Mazatlan – A Traditional Town in Mexico

Luis R. - Vacation Stories and Travel NewsIt was very hard to leave the amazing city of Mazatlan. I always think of it as one of the most traditional towns in Mexico. Plus, it’s on the beach – so two thumbs up for that! I just loved walking barefoot on the sand, holding hands with my girlfriend, hearing nice music as we felt the fresh water from the ocean hitting our feet.


The weather was great. Nice and warm – perfect for the refreshing trips along the Malecón (a waterfront street) aboard the unique “pulmonias”. A pulmonia kind of looks like a golf cart and the driver takes you around town as if you were riding in a taxi.


When I wasn’t on the beach or the Malecón, you could find me enjoying dinner, a beer, and the sunset at Puerto Viejo Restaurant. I really love Mazatlan for its food, especially its seafood. The way it’s cooked is amazing! As I write this, the simple memory of shrimp (which I love) still makes my mouth water!


Mazatlan is quite an experience and it always has amazing people, food, weather, activities, and new things to explore or discover. I am already planning a trip back myself!


Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing photos and stories from RCI subscribing members who have visited Mazatlan. Be sure to come back to see and read about what they did! And if you have a Mazatlan story or image of your own, share it here. Maybe we’ll show yours on the RCI Blog!

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