Bye-bye Bangkok, Thailand

Dan "The RCI Guy" - Vacation Travels with RCI TV's Dan "The RCI Guy"Well, we finished filming our "Destination Review" travel shot in Bangkok, Thailand. These shows for RCI TV (log on to to watch) take us all over the world but I have never experienced a place quite like Bangkok.

Bangkok has an entirely different, cool, vibe to it. We took a bicycle tour that took us on the back roads and "behind the scenes" of what most tourists see in the city. Then the filming crew and I all had pedicures and manicures at a day spa (I know that doesn't exactly sound "manly" but it is a great way to spoil yourself). The most hilarious part was when the woman started my manicure, she actually was startled when she first took my hands and looked at them. My wife says, that while she loves me, I do have some of the most beat up hands she has ever seen and, apparently, this Thai manicurist would agree. But, after all was said and done, I can honestly say my hands and feet have never looked or FELT better! Total cost? Exactly $13.33 (US) each - I LOVE this place!

We wrapped up filming the show at Rajawongse Clothier. This father and son duo is known to have been making custom tailored suits for U.S. Presidents and Secret Service types for more than 35 years. Their store is a trip with official memorabilia and business cards from all over the world (they even have a writing pen from Air Force One). The father and son are constantly cracking one-liners and the store is hopping. In fact, while we were filming, an Air Force Colonel came into the store to personally thank them for all their support over the years.

Yup, Bangkok is an amazing place and I hope you like the show when we finish editing it.

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