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Dan "The RCI Guy" - Vacation Travels with RCI TV's Dan "The RCI Guy"The traffic in South Florida can be a little tough but the beaches, shops, restaurants and all the other cool stuff more than make up for it.

We were in Miami and Miami Beach for several days to film another "Destination Reviews" travel show for RCI TV. Our producer lined up some cool, different things to do.

Since I love to eat and used to own a few restaurants, we always like to feature a unique dining experience on every show. Man, did we find one here! Miami Beach is home to Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant. It first opened in 1913 and has been going strong ever since. The signature dish is the title of the place...Stone Crab is harvested in the waters right off shore. For the show, they let me go back and help work in the kitchen. Everyone was awesome and we had a great time.

The next day we went to Little Havana and found out how one of the stores rolls their own cigars - I never knew rolling a cigar was such a fine art!

Finally, we finished exploring south Florida by taking a Duck Tour - that's right, a Duck Tour. This is an amphibious, crazy looking vehicle that takes you to some really cool Miami landmarks and then heads off the road, over the beach and straight into Biscayne Bay. One second you’re driving and the next second you’re's awesome! You cruise around the bay as they point out some houses of the "rich and famous" that call this part of Florida, "home".

This is what I love about hosting this show - I think I've been to South Florida 8-10 times over the years but I've never had so much fun and enjoyed it more than I did this time.

If you have a South Florida experience you’d like to share, comment below! I’d love to hear about it.

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