Think Outside the Vacation Box

Alfonso H. - Worldwide Vacations with RCI Timeshare ExchangesLife is too short, so spending my vacation time looking for new experiences and getting to know different cultures truly expands my spirit.

Some of my most memorable vacations have been at new and interesting destinations that are not your typical vacation hot spots. As part of my position with RCI, I’m familiar with a lot of destinations and I’ve been lucky enough to visit some hidden gems…here are some of my favorites:

  • The breathtaking feeling of admiring the Tanah-Lot sea temple, touring the streets of Ubud or having a sunset dinner in Bali is simply out of this world.

  • However, if a heart bumping vacation combined with world class service is what seals the deal, South Africa might be the right place to be. You can start your day with an early bird safari at the Pilanesberg National Park in search for the big five, then continue your adventurous day disappearing at the Lost City, and finish it with a great African spa.

  • Lastly, if you feel like immersing yourself in the secrets of an ancient culture and pure nature, Tulum and Xcaret at the Riviera Maya, or somewhere close by is the place to be.

My experience has been that a breathtaking vacation has nothing to do with a particular time of year or what city is the most popular, it is all about where you want to get refreshed. And as you know, that is where RCI has a world to offer you. So take the challenge and visit a destination that isn’t considered "typical"!

Have you ever taken a vacation that was out of the ordinary for you? If so, please share by commenting below. 

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